Kuse-gun (Kuse District, or Kuze-no-kori) (久世郡)

Japan/Kinki Region/Kyoto Prefecture/Kuse-gun

List of provinces administered in the past by the ryo-sei, or administrative codes (令制国)/Kinai (five provinces in the immediate vicinity of Kyoto)/Yamashiro Province/Kuse-gun

Kuse-gun was formerly a district in Yamashiro Province, and is a district in Kyoto Prefecture.

Kuse-gun currently includes the following town:



April 10, 1879: Based on the Gun-ku-cho-son henseiho (Counties, Wards, Towns, and Villages Organization Code), a district office for both Uji-gun and Kuse-gun was established in Uji-go, Uji-gun. The district office was established in Uji-cho, Kuse-gun under the gunsei (County System Law).

April 1, 1889: As a result of the enactment of the chosonsei (Town and Village System Law), Uji-cho, Yodo-cho, Makishima-mura, Ogura-mura, Okubo-mura, Kutsukawa-mura, Tonosho-mura, Terada-mura, Sayama-mura, and Mimaki-mura were established in Kuse-gun. Kuse-gun was comprised of two towns and eight villages.

April 1, 1935: Yodo-cho absorbed Mizu-mura, Tsuzuki-gun.

February 11, 1936: Yodo-cho absorbed Yodo-mura, Otokuni-gun.

July 1, 1942: Uji local office was set up in Uji-cho, Kuse-gun to administer Uji-gun and Kuse-gun.

March 1, 1951: Uji-cho, Makishima-mura, Ogura-mura, Okubo-mura, and Higashi-uji-cho in Uji-gun were merged to form Uji City, and Uji City was separated from the gun (district) system. Kuse-gun was comprised of one town and five villages.

April 1, 1951: Kutsukawa-mura, Tonosho-mura, Terada-mura, and Aotani-mura in Tsuzuki-gun were merged to form Joyo-cho. Kuse-gun was comprised of two towns and two villages.

October 1, 1954: Sayama-mura and Mimaki-mura were merged to form Kumiyama-cho. Kuse-gun was comprised of three towns.

April 1, 1957: Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City absorbed Yodo-cho. Kuse-gun was comprised of two towns.

May 5, 1972: By implementing the shisei (grant of city status), Joyo-cho became Joyo City and was separated from the gun (district) system. Kuse-gun was comprised of one town.

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