Kyotanba-cho (Kyotanba Town) (京丹波町)

Kyotanba-cho is a town located in Funai-gun, central Kyoto Prefecture. It was created from the unification of Tanba-cho, Mizuho-cho (Kyoto Prefecture) and Wachi-cho on October 11, 2005.


Tanba Highland is located at the center of Tanba region, while the southern part of former Tanba-cho divides the Yodo-gawa and Yura-gawa River systems.

Rivers: Yura-gawa, Takaya-gawa, and Shuchi-gawa Rivers

Adjacent municipalities

Kyoto Prefecture
Ayabe City
Fukuchiyama City
Nantan City
Hyogo Prefecture
Sasayama City


October 11, 2005: Three towns of Tanba-cho of Funai-gun, Mizuho-cho (Kyoto Prefecture), and Wachi-cho were merged to establish Kyotanba-cho.


Mayor: Shigeki MATSUBARA (the chairman of former Tanba Town Congress)


The main industries are agriculture (mainly grapes, rice-crop, and dairy farming) and forestry.

The special products original to this central Tanba region from long ago are as follows;

Tanba Matsutake (mushroom noted for its nice aroma)
Tanba Black Soybean (especially 'Wachikuro' produced in the former Wachi-cho has a high reputation).
Tanba Chestnut
Tanba Beef
Tanba Wine
Above are some of many brands famous across Japan.

Sister and associated cities


Hawkesbury (New South Wales Province, Australia)

It became the sister city to the former Tanba Town on June 7, 1988.



National Health Insurance Mizuho Hospital

National Health Insurance Wachi Clinic


Railway Lines
Sanin Main Line of West Japan Railway Company (JR West)
Shimoyama Station (Kyoto Prefecture) - Wachi Station - Aseri Station - Tachiki Station

There were no railway stations in former Mizuho-cho (Kyoto Prefecture) and southern former Tanba-cho.

Many residents in these areas use Sonobe Station in Nantan City to gain an access to Kyoto City.

Arterial high-standard highway
Kyoto Longitudinal Expressway (Kyoto Tanba Road = National Route 478)
Tanba Interchange
Kyoto Longitudinal Expressway (Kyoto Tanba Road = National Route 478) (Under construction)
Tanba Parking Area (tentative name)
Mizuho Interchange (Kyoto Prefecture) (tentative name)
Wachi Interchange (tentative name)

Michi no Eki (Roadside station)

Michi no Eki Mizuho no Sato (Home of Mizuho), Sarabiki

Michi no Eki Wa

Michi no Eki Tanba Markesu

Bus routes
West Japan JR Bus Enpuku Line (along the National Route 9)
Kyotanba Municipal Bus (along National Route 9, National Route 27, etc.)

Scenic sites, historic sites, tourist spots, festivals and events
Prominent post-station town along the Shuchi Mountain Sanin (Mountain Shadow) Road
Shizushi calcareous cave
Tanba Shizen Undo Koen Park (Tanba Nature Exercise Park)
The main building of Daifukuko-ji Temple built by Takauji ASHIKAGA, Sanju no To (Triplet Tower), and the oldest manuscript of Hojoki (An Account of My Hut) (National Treasure) and many valuable cultural assets. Watanabe House considered to be the oldest inhabited civilian residence in Kyoto Prefecture.
Thatched Irimoya style (type of roof) House special to Tanba Region, Important Cultural Asset

Tanba Wine House
Tanba Wine
Greenland Mizuho
Kotodaki (Koto Waterfall)
Wachi-yama Sanyaso-no-mori (Woods of Wachi Mountain and Field Grass)
Woodypal Wachi

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