Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Comprehensive Sports Park (京都府立山城総合運動公園)

Yamashiro Comprehensive Sports park is located in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. The park is commonly called "Taiyogaoka," and is known to citizens in the southern part of the prefecture as "Taiyogaoka." Its total area is 108 hectares. One million people visit annually, and many events are held here.

Brief History

1978: The plan for the Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Comprehensive Sports Park was created by Kyoto Prefecture, and construction started in 1980.

Construction moved ahead quickly in order to complete the park before the "43th National Sports Event" held in Kyoto Prefecture in 1988.

1982: Facilities such as an athletics stadiums including the Daini stadium, the Daiichi baseball stadium, and a park center were completed, and the park was partially opened. Thereafter, construction of the Daini through Daigo baseball stadiums (literally, Number 2 through Number 5 baseball stadiums) (for practice) along with the pool were completed.

1992: The park was almost completed.

Taiyogaoka athletics stadium
Athletics and ball game ground
Football games and official football games for the Japan Football League are also held here.

Summary of facilities
Authorized as Category 2 Athletics Stadium by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations
Track: 400m x 8 lanes
Natural grass ground
Capacity: 1,800 people for the main stand, 5,200 people for the grass stand: 7,000 people in total


The nearest bus stops are Taiyogaoka (on the premises of the park), Taiyogaokageto-mae (in front of Taiyogaoka gate) and Taiyogaokanishigeto-mae by Keihan Bus and Keihan Uji Bus.

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