Kyoutanabe City (京田辺市)

A City in Japan
Name of Municipality: Kyoutanabe City
Administrative Division: Kyoto Prefecture
Code: 26211-1
Jouyou City, Tsuzuki-gun Ide-chou (Town); Souraku-gun Seika-chou (Town); Osaka Prefecture, Hirakata City; Nara Prefecture, Ikoma City

Postal Code 610-0393
Address: Kyoutanabe City, Tanabe, 80
Telephone Number: Tel. 0774-63-1122/Fax. 0774-63-4781
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135° 46' 4" East Longitude
34° 48' 51" North Latitude

Kyoutanabe City is a city in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture, located near the border with Osaka Prefecture and Nara Prefecture.

Kyoutanabe is in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture near the cities of Yawata and Jouyou, and the towns of Tsuzuki-gun Ide and Souraku-gun Seika, as well as Hirakata City in Osaka Prefecture, and Ikoma City in Nara Prefecture; it is located at the intersection of three prefectures.

The city is in between the Kizu River to the east, which runs north-south, and the Ikoma mountains to the west; and the West Japan Railway Katamachi Line and the Kintetsu Kyoto Line run through the middle of the city.

It is a characteristic bedroom community for the cities of Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka.


Mayor: Akezou ISHII (1st term)

April 1 1997 - The City was formed from Tsuzuki -gun Tanabe Chou (Town). It became the 12th city in Kyoto Prefecture, the first in 20 years after Yawata City, and the 669th City nationwide. Kyoto Tsuzuki-gun Tanabe Chou (Town) was made a city by the name of Kyoto Tanabe City, in order to avoid confusion with Tanabe City in Wakayama Prefecture, and then had its name changed to Kyoto Kyoutanabe City (it was added "Kyo"of Kyoto) the same day. The city name was chosen from submissions from the public.


Tea (Ujicha) cultivation is thriving, with Gyokuro as a specialty.

Businesses with Headquarters in Kyoutanabe City

Nichidai (JASDAQ Securities Exchange Listed Company)
Keihan Uji Bus (Began operating in the eastern part of the city on November 10, 2007.
Transferred Bus Office on May 10, 2008.)

Suminoe Industries (Maker of seats for land and sea transport vehicles)

Businesses with Operations in the City

Tsubakimoto Chain – Kyoutanabe Plant
Dai Nippon Printing – Kyoto Plant
Meiji Dairies – Kyoto Plant
Panasonic (Matsushita Denkou)


Yamashiro Tanabe Post Office (610-03) (Neighboring Tsuzuki-gun Ide-chou is included in its delivery area)


Doshisha University Kyoutanabe Campus
Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts Kyoutanabe Campus
Kyoto Prefectural Kyoutanabe High School
Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Tanabe Junior High School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Osumi Junior High School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Bairyo Junior High School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Osumi Elementary School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Tanabe Elementary School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Kusauchi Elementary School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Miyamaki Elementary School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Fugenji Elementary School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Tanabe-higashi Elementary School.
Kyoutanabe Municipal Matsuigaoka Elementary School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Takigi Elementary School
Kyoutanabe Municipal Touen Elementary School
Kyoutanabe Steiner School (NPO)

Kannonji (Kyoutanabe City) - Enshrines a National Treasure: an 11-Faced Standing Kannon Statue

Shuuonan – A temple associated with the famously witty Soujun IKKYUU
The Sitting Statue of Master Ikkyuu and the scenic garden are designated Important Cultural Assets.

Osumi Kurumazuka Kofun (an ancient burial mound) – A square-front/square-back tomb also known as Mount Chikonji.

Mount Kannabi

West Japan Railway (JR-West) Katamachi Line
(to Takarazuka St. - Kitashinchi St. - Kyoubashi St. (Osaka)) Matsui Yamate St. - Osumi St. - Kyoutanabe St. - Doshisha-mae St. - JR Miyamaki St. (to Kizu St. (Kyoto))

Kinki Japan Railway (Kintetsu) Kintetsu Kyoto Line
(to Kyoto St. - Kintetsu Tanbabashi St. - Okubo St. - (Kyoto)) Shin-Tanabe St. - Koudo St. - Miyamaki St. - Kintetsu Miyazu St. (to Takanohara St. - Yamato Saidaiji St. - Kintetsu Nara St. - Kashiharajingumae St.)

The city's best known stations are Kintetsu Shintanabe Station, JR Kyoutanabe Station, and Matsui Yamate Station. Kintetsu Shintanabe and JR Kyoutanabe Stations function as the center of Kyoutanabe City's downtown, while Matsui Yamate Station is at the heart of Keihan East Rose Town. Regular trains on the Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line also stop at the Kintetsu Shintanabe Station.

JR Kyoutanabe Station was originally called Tanabe Station, but was changed at around the same time as the city was incorporated. This is the same as in the case of Nishimukou and Higashimukou Stations on the Hankyuu Kyoto Main Line.
(In Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, there is a Kiitanabe Station (Kisei Main Line); it is possible that the addition of 'Kii', the old name for the Wakayama area, to the name of the station was a decision by the administration of the West Japan Railway to avoid duplicate station names.)

Keihan Bus (Keihan Group, Keihan Bus Kyoutanabe Sales Office is in the city)
Nara Kotsu (Kintetsu Group)
Keihan Uji Bus (Keihan Group, Keihan Uji Bus Kyoutanabe Sales Office is in the City)

National Expressway
Shin-Meishin Expressway (planned)

National Highways
Keihan Highway No. 2 (Route 1 Toll Road)
Kyoutanabe Toll Plaza
Route 1 Bypass (To Keihan No.2)
Keinawa Expressway (Route 24 Toll Road)
Tanabe North Interchange
Tanabe West Interchange
Route 307

Major Prefectural Roads
Kyoto Route 22 Yawata-kizu Road
Yamate Trunk Road (Kyoto)
Nara/Kyoto Prefectural Route 65 Ikoma- Ide Road
Osaka/Kyoto Prefectural Route 71 Hirakata-Yamashiro Road

Other Prefectural Roads
Kyoto Route 251 Tonoshou-Yawata Road
Osaka/Kyoto Prefectural Route 736 Katano- Kumiyama Road
Kyoto Route 801 Kyoto Yawata-Kizu Bicycle road

Famous People
Keishin NISHISAKA (Ikebana Artist)
Koji ROKUNISHI (Manga Author)
Kentarou HASHIMOTO (Professional Baseball Player)
Takuya MUGURUMA (Soccer Player, Tokushima Vortis)
Yuuki MATSUOKA (Track and Field Athlete)

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