Little Kyoto (小京都)

Little Kyoto is a nickname given to towns and cities around Japan that resemble Kyoto City in their old streets and atmosphere. After the Muromachi period, the Japanese feudal lords in many regions created towns which imitated Kyoto, and was the beginning of the Little Kyoto.

The National Kyoto Conference' is a group of regions which are called the Little Kyoto. The National Kyoto Conference was found in 1985, consisting of twenty-six cities and towns, including Kyoto City.
At the fourth General Meeting held in 1988, the membership criteria were provided as follows:

Nature and scenery that resemble Kyoto
Historical connections with Kyoto
Traditional industries and arts
The executive board meeting will approve a town as a member of the National Kyoto Conference if the town satisfies one or more requirements of the three listed above. Participation in the National Kyoto Conference, whose head office is in the Kyoto City Tourist Association, is not limited to only Little Tokyo, but includes Kyoto City, the 'original Kyoto,' as well.

There exist many towns called 'Little Kyoto' that are not member of the National Kyoto Conference, promoting themselves for the sake of tourism.

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