Maejima Wharf (前島埠頭) (前島埠頭)

Maejima Wharf is located in Maizuru Port in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture. Since 埠 in 埠頭 is not included in the Chinese characters designated for everyday use, the characters 前島ふ頭 instead of 前島埠頭 are sometimes used, for example, on signboards.


Maizuru Port was developed as the main port for the Kinki region on the Japan Sea side, and a long-distance direct ferry route has operated since 1970 between this port and Otaru Port in Otaru City, Hokkaido Prefecture. Initially, the ferry arrived at and departed from Maizuru-Nishi Port (Maizuru West Port); Maejima Wharf was constructed in Maizuru-Higashi Port (Maizuru East Port) in 1990 as a core wharf for domestic trade and to cope with increased transportation occurring in Maizuru-Nishi Port.

At present, large ferries voyage seven times a week between Maizuru Port and Otaru Port, acting as a focal point between the Kinki region and Hokkaido. The quay on the south side is provided with an earthquake-proof structure, enabling goods to be transported during emergencies.

Due to the increasing size of ferries, a plan has been formulated to expand the wharf.


Using the Maizuru Wakasa Expressway: approx. seven km from the Maizuru Higashi Interchange via National Route 27
(Approx. fifteen minutes by car)

Use of the Maizuru Line of West Japan Railway Company: approx. 2.3 km from (the north entrance of) Higashi Maizuru Station (approx. seven minutes by taxi)


The Maizuru branch office of Shin Nihonkai Ferry Co., Ltd.

A ferry terminal

Maejima Minato-koen (the Maejima port park)

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