Maesaka Pass (a pass in Kita Ward, Kyoto City) (前坂)

Maesaka Pass is a pass in Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.


It is the pass located on Kyoto Prefectural Road 31 Nishijin-Sugisaka Line at an altitude of 363 meters. It separates Takagamine-funamizu, Kita Ward, Kyoto City and Nishigamo-yaritogiiwa in the same ward. It is also called Maesaka-toge or Kyomi-maesaka. Kyomi-toge Pass is adjacent in the same road and a lore says Maesaka Pass (literally, previous pass) was named after the fact that it is located just before Kyomi-toge Pass, the last chokepoint to Kyoto. Maesaka Pass is closely-linked to Kyomi-toge Pass.

Features of the pass

The pass is travelable for vehicles. Although it is paved with asphalt, the road of the pass has sharp slopes and series of narrow section. It has series of tight curves and keeps old-time road alignments. The altitude is a little high and the traffic is heavy for houses nearby although it is a narrow road. There are many bicycles in the pass because it is one of the cycling courses.

Neighboring Pass

Kyomi-toge Pass

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