Mikyozaka-toge Pass (a pass on a national route in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City) (御経坂峠)

Mikyozaka-toge Pass is a pass on a national route in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is also sometimes called simply Mikyozaka.


It is the pass located on National Route 162 at an altitude of 216 meters. It separates Umegahata-rengetani, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City from Umegahata-mikyozaka-cho in the same ward. Mikyozaka is the first pass crossed by National Route 162, also known as Shuzan-kaido Road, when traveling from Kyoto to Wakasa. Although there are no Jizo (guardian deity of travelers) statues along the roadside of Mikyozaka-toge Pass, there are road signs showing the name of the pass. Whereas other historical passes have been lost, the name of Mikyozaka-toge Pass survives.

Features of the pass

The pass has a road with double lane. However the section of the road adjacent to Kyoto City center has houses built right up to the side of the road, so the road here is slightly narrower than the previous section. The pass has many tight curves, and slopes typical of a pass, but it still has a lot of traffic. It is one of the main routes from Fukui Prefecture to Kyoto City center. It also allows access to Arashiyama-Takao Parkway and is the busiest section of National Route 162. Especially at holiday time in autumn, traffic congestion on the road is almost inevitable as the roadside is famous for the beautiful colored autumnal leaves.

Road connected to the pass

Arashiyama-Takao Parkway

Neighboring passes

Kasa-toge Pass (Kita Ward and Ukyo Ward, both in Kyoto City)

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