Minami Ward (Kyoto City) (南区 (京都市))


Minami Ward is one of the eleven wards that constitute Kyoto City.


Rivers: Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system), Katsura-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system), and Nishitakase-gawa River


1889: The six villages described below were established in the area of the present Minami Ward, through the Shisei Chosonsei (City System and Town and Village System Law). 1918: Shimogyo Ward absorbed Ouchi-mura and Shichijo-mura in Kadono-gun and part of Higashikujo-mura and Kamitoba-mura to the north of Jujo-dori Street in Kii-gun. 1931: Shimogyo Ward absorbed Kisshoin-mura and Kamitoba-mura in Kii-gun. 1955: On September 1, Minami Ward was created from Shimogyo Ward. 1959: On November 1, Minami Ward absorbed Kuze-mura, Otokuni-gun.

Ward office

Minami Ward Office

1-3 Nishikujo Nanden-cho, Minami Ward, Kyoto City

Tel: 075-681-3111 (the main switchboard number)

Adjacent municipalities

Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City
Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City
Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City
Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture


Kintetsu Kyoto Line (Kintetsu Railway)
(from/to Kyoto Station) - Toji Station - Jujo Station (Kintetsu) - (from/to Yamato-Saidaiji Station)
Tokaido Main Line (JR Kyoto Line) of West Japan Railway Company
(from/to Kyoto Station)- Nishi-Oji Station - (from/to Osaka Stations)
the Karasuma Line of the Kyoto Municipal Subway
(from/to Kokusai-Kaikan Station)- Kujo Station (Kyoto Prefecture) - Jujo Station (Kyoto Municipal Subway) - (from/to Takeda Station (Kyoto Prefecture))


Meishin Expressway
Kyoto Minami Interchange (on the border with Fushimi Ward)

Scenic sites and historic sites
To-ji Temple
Rajo-mon Ato (Rajo-mon Gate Site)
Rokusonno-jinja Shrine

Collection and delivery in Minami Ward is operated by Kyoto Central Post Office (located near the northern edge of Minami Ward) in Shimogyo Ward due to the Minami Ward's history of separation from Shimogyo Ward.
When the ZIP code system was introduced 1968, however, Minami Ward was assigned the ZIP code '601' to distinguish the ward from Shimogyo Ward; when the seven digit ZIP code system was introduced in 1998, the ward's ZIP code changed to '601-xxxx.'
The ZIP code '601-xxxx' is also assigned to the mountainous areas (including former Keihoku-cho, but excluding Kuta in Sakyo Ward) in the north of Kyoto City, the Daigo area in Fushimi Ward, the Kasatori area in Uji City, and Miyama-cho (Kyoto Prefecture) in Nantan City.

Kyoto Central Post Office (Shimogyo Ward): 600-0000, 600-8xxx, 601-0000 and 601-8xxx

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