Miyako Plain (京都平野)

Miyako Plain refers to a plain that spreads from the center of Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture to the eastern part of Miyako County and the northern part of Chikujo County. It is also called Buzen Plain.

Although its definite scope cannot be defined, this plain lies southeast to Hiraodai Plateau, famous for its karst plateau, and spreads over Yukuhashi City, Miyako Town, and the northern part of Chikujo Town. It is a typical plain made up of sediment carried by rivers. The southwest part of Yukuhashi City, Miyako Town and the northern part of Chikujo Town are all rural areas, where agriculture is the main industry. The Ima-gawa River, the Nagao-gawa River, and the lower part of the Harai-gawa River constitute of the urban area of Yukuhashi City, and the urban area of Chikujo Town is located at the mouth of the Kii-kawa River.

Major rivers
The Ima-gawa River (Fukuoka Prefecture)
The Harai-gawa River
The Nagao-gawa River
The Kii-kawa River
The Iwamaru-gawa River
The Owase-gawa River
The Otonashi-gawa River (Fukuoka Prefecture)

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