Miyama (Osaka Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture) (深山 (大阪府・京都府))

Mt. Miyama is a mountain which is located in the boundary between Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka Prefecture and Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture. It rises 790.5 meters above sea level and is the highest of the Hokusetsu mountains (a group of mountains including Mt. Miyama, Mt. Hangoku, Mt. Ono, Mt. Mikusa and Mt. Myoken). It is one of 50 mountains in Osaka. It is also the highest in north Osaka and offers a nice view despite its height.

Mountain climbing route

There are mainly three climbing routes. The most popular one is an approach from Okururikei River Valley, and it takes approximately one hour and fifty minutes to reach the mountain top. To Okururikei River Valley, buses go from Nose Electric Railway Nissei-chuo Station or JR Sanin Main Line Sonobe Station. Another route is to approach from Hirono district and buses go from Kameoka Station. It takes approximately two hours and fifty minutes.

The other route is to approach it from the Hyogo Prefecture side. From Fukusumi, it takes approximately two and an half hours to the top of the mountain by way of Sasayamanomori Park, Kosaka-toge Pass, and Mt. Funasaka.


Okururi-kei bus stop of Chuo Bus

Iyashi no mori bus stop of free shuttle bus

Fukusumi bus stop of Shinki Bus

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