Mizuo (水尾)

Situated in a mountain valley in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Mizuo is the location of a group of houses. The population is about 160 (according to the national sensus in 2000).

The specialty here is "yuzu" (a kind of citrus fruit), with several households in the business of providing tourists with "yuzuburo" (a bath with pieces of yuzu in it) and the dish "mizutaki" (a hot pot with chicken and vegetables), using local Tanba chicken as one of its ingredients;
there are no accommodations for tourists.

As a souvenir or a gift, you can buy "yuzu miso" (soybean paste with yuzu added as one of the ingredients).

It is also the entrance to a route up Mt. Atago.

There is bus service operated by the Mizuo neighborhood self-governing body in the section between Mizuo and Hozukyo Station, which is the nearest stop on the Sanin Main Line operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

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