Monobe-son (Kochi Prefecture) (物部村 (高知県))

Monobe-son is the Village located in northeastern Kochi Prefecture, near the source of Monobe-gawa River and is known as Japan's top producer of "yuzu" citrus.

It was merged with Tosayamada-cho and Kahoku-cho to form Kami City on March 1, 2006.

With roughly 95% of its land area is covered with forests, the major industries are forestry, farming including yuzu cultivation and production of goods using the citrus fruit.

The village offers enjoyment of each of the four seasons, including Befu Canyon in Tsurugi-san Mountain Quasi-National Park. It is also known for keeping tradition of Izanagi-ryu, a form of Onmyodo (way of Yin and Yang; occult divination system based on the Taoist theory of the five elements) and/or Koshinto (as practiced prior to the introduction of Confucianism and Buddhism to Japan), as well as folklore of fleeing Heike warriors.

Mountains: Miune & Mt. Shiraga
River: Monobe-gawa River
Lake: Oku-Monobe Lake(Nagase Reservoir)

Neighboring municipalities
Kochi Prefecture
Kahoku-cho, Kami County
Kagami-cho, Kami County
Aki City
Tokushima Prefecture
Naga-cho, Naga County
Higashiiyayama-son, Miyoshi County


Mayor: Kyodo MUNEISHI (from 1989)

Principal industries
Agriculture: Chiefly yuzu citrus and gingko
Yuzu citrus is being cultivated by roughly 200 households and produce sales of approximately 600 million yen.

Forestry: Japanese cedar and cypress
Working population

Sister cities and other partners
Kanazu-cho (Fukui Prefecture)
Mikkuni-cho (Fukui Prefecture)
Awara-cho (Fukui Prefecture)


Average age

Kindergartens & Nursery Schools
Monobe Village Odochi Nursery School
Elementary school
Monobe Village Odochi Elementary School

Junior High School
Monobe Village Odochi Junior High School
High school
Kochi Prefectural Odochi High School

Railway & bus routes
There is no railway passing through the village. For this reason, bus is the public transit system for the area. Public transit bus serving the route between Odochi in the center of the village and Tosayamada Station is operated by JR Shikoku Bus.

Nearest interchange: Kochi Expressway Nankoku Interchange(Nankoku City)
National roads
National road running through the village: National Route 195
Prefectural and municipal roads
Prefectural road in the village:

Historic and tourist spots, festivals and special events
Historic and sightseeing spots
Befu Canyon
Nishikuma Valley
Oku-Monobe Lake
Oku-Monobe Museum

Festivals and special events
Izanagi-ryu Kagura
Lake Festival (August)

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