Moriyamajuku (守山宿)

Moriyamajuku is the 67th post station on the Nakasen-do Road (=>The 69 Stations of Nakasen-do Road) and is located in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture.


The area was named 'Moriyamajuku' by edict in 1642, in the early part of the Edo Period.

The name 'Moriyama' derives from the construction of 'Tomon-in' Gate that served as the eastern gate of Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei. In other words, the station was to serve as defense for Mt. Hiei.

For travellers, Moriyamajuku became widely known and thrives as the first stopover point on the route from Kyoto heading toward east, recognized by the saying, 'Kyo-dachi, Moriyama-domari (leave Kyoto and sleep over in Moriyama).'
It later merged with Yoshimi to its east and with Imajuku to its west and developed further.

Nearest railway station

Moriyama Station (Shiga Prefecture), JR Tokaido Main Line

Historic sites and attractions

Road sign
- Road sign with the engraving saying 'Nakasen-do and Minoji to the right and Kinshoku-ji Temple 45 cho (about 5 km) and Konohama Port to the left.'
Cultural properties designated by Moriyama City

Uno Honke (Head family)
Well site
Stone road sign that says 'Nakasen-do and Minoji to the right and Kinshoku-ji Temple and Konohama Port to the left.'
Dobashi Bridge
- Hiroshige UTAMARO reportedly drew the view of the post-station from this point
Former Koya site
- Setting for the Noh play 'Mochizuki'
Tenman-gu Shrine (Moriyama City)
Tomon-in Gate
Honzo-ji Temple
- Sekitei KIUCHI's grave is found here
Katsube Jinja Shrine
- Shrine of the former Mononobe-go, dedicated to a number of gods and known for 'Katsube Shrine Fire Festival.'
The honden (main hall) and haiden (a hall of worship) are Important Cultural Properties of Japan.

Saimyo-ji Temple
- The five-storied pagoda built by Tokiyori HOJO is an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Umaji Isobe Jinja Shrine
- Shikinai-sha (shrine listed in Engishiki laws)
Anraku-ji Temple (Moriyama City)
- Okakushu's honzon (principal object of worship at a temple), Standing Statue of Senju (thousand-armed) Kannon Bosatsu (withheld from public view) is an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Historic sites and attractions on the route to Kusatsu-juku
Imajuku Ichirizuka (milestone)
- The 128th milestone from Nihonbashi (Tokyo) and the only milestone in existence in Shiga Prefecture. A historic monument in the list of historic, scenic and natural monuments that are cultural properties designated by Shiga Prefecture.

Isasa Jinja Shrine (of which the Main Hall is an Important Cultural Property of Japan)

Neighboring post-station

Nakasen-do Road
Musajuku - Moriyamajuku - Kusatsu-juku

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