Mt. Atago (Kyoto City) (愛宕山 (京都市))

Mt. Atago (Atagoyama or Atagosan in Japanese) is a mountain located in the border between Yamashiro Province and Tanba Province, the northwest part of Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

The top of the mountain is in Kyoto City and the city boundary exists about 1.5 km west of it, thus the mountain extends to Kameoka City. It rises 924 meters above sea level. Triangulation point (890.1m) exists about 400 meters north from the top.

Mt. Atago, which stands northwest of Kyoto Basin, has been worshipped along with Mt. Hiei, which stands northeast of the Kyoto Basin. On Mt. Takao of the Atago mountain range, there are temples and shrines such as Jingo-ji Temple. On top of the mountain there exists Atago-jinja Shrine (Kyoto City), which has been worshipped by the people of Kyoto as hibuse no kami or gods to protects from fire and theft from a long time ago. There exists another Atago-jinja Shrine (Kameoka City) at the entrance to a climbining trail on the Kameoka City side.

It is also known that Mitsuhide AKECHI visited the Atago-jinja Shrine and composed a tanka poem just prior to the Honnoji Incident.
A mountain trail from Kameoka City up to the Mt. Atago was the route taken by Mitsuhide, and that is why it has been called 'Akechi-goe.'

The works in which the Mt. Atago appears
A rakugo (comic story telling) titled "Atago-yama (rakugo) ":
A happening occurs during a picnic to Mt. Atago.

"Common sense (Yakumo KOIZUMI)", a novel by Yakumo KOIZUMI, included in "An antique (Yakumo KOIZUMI)":
Its background was a small old temple in Mt. Atago.

"Tale of Genji" by Shikibu Murasaki:
Mt. Atago appeared in the waka poem in the volume of 'Azumaya.'

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