Mt. Bunagatake (武奈ヶ岳)

Mr. Bunagatake is a mountain which is 1,214.4 m high above sealevel and located in Otsu City in Shiga Prefecture. It is the highest mountain in Hira mountains located in Kosei region in the western part of Shiga Prefecture. It is a part of Lake Biwa Quasi-National Park. It is one of 200 top mountains in Japan and 100 top mountains in Kinki region.


Mt. Bunagatake is located in Okuhira (inner Hira) which is in the northern part of Hira mountains as opposed to Kitahira (northern Hira) having Mt. Shakagatake as the highest mountain and Minamihira (sothern Hira) centering on Mt. Horaisan. It was one of best mountain tourist spot in the suburb of Keihanshin (Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe) which was connected with the foot by lift and rope way and had a skiing slope, but all of them were abolished.

It is said that the name of this mountain originates from many beech trees that grow in the mountainside. Landscape for 360 degrees can be enjoyed on the mountaintop and additionally, on fine days, view of Mt. Ontake and Mt. Hakusan can be enjoyed.

Geological condition

Same as other mountains in Okuhira, Mt. Bunagatake is in middle-paleozoic strata and is an outcrop which is composed of sedimentary rocks such as sandstones, mudstones and so on.


Hira Sakudo Kabushikikaisha (Hira cableway., Ltd) operated Hira lift from the foot of mountain to Shakadake Station since 1960 and Hira ropeway from Shakadeke Station to Sanjo-eki Station since 1961 and, together with Kojak Bus between JR Hira Station (Shiga Prefecture) to the foot of mountain, connected the vicinity of the mountaintop and Hira Station. However, the lift and ropeway were discontinues at first in 2004 and then bus was discontinued and access to the mountaintop was strictly limited.

Hira Station of Kosei Line (Shiga Prefecture)
Bomura Bus Stop of Kyoto Bus
Gulliver Village Bus Stop of Kojak Bus

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