Mt. Hiei Amusement Park (比叡山頂遊園地)

Mt. Hiei Amusement Park was an amusement part that used to be at Mt. Hiei in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.


It opened in 1959. The amusement part included a haunted house, a viewing platform, a small-sized Ferris wheel, an alpine botanical garden and Mt. Hiei artificial ski slopes.

It was closed in 2001. The main reasons were depression, fewer children and the decrepit premises. Garden Museum Hiei is established in the site today.


Get off at the Hieizan Sancho Station of Keifuku Electric Railroad Eizan Ropeway. Through Hieizan Drive Way.

By Hieizan Drive Bus or Hieizan Shuttle Bus.

Get on a bus for Hieizan (Mt. Hiei) from Yamashina Office, Keihan Bus Co., Ltd.

Get on a bus of Hieizan Line from Arashiyama Office of Kyoto Bus Co., Ltd. (Hieizan Drive Bus).

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