Mt. Ikoma (生駒山)

Mt. Ikoma (Ikoma yama, Ikoma san) is 642 meters in height, and is located on the border between ikoma City, Nara Prefecture and Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. It is the main peak of Ikoma Mountain Range.


The mountaintop of Mt. Ikoma is located on the Nara Prefecture side. Skyland Ikoma (amusement park) is located on the mountaintop of Mt. Ikoma. The transmission stations of a TV station in Osaka Prefecture, which covers the Keihanshin area, and of a TV station in Nara Prefecture, which covers Nara prefecture (Mt. Ikoma TV FM Transmission Station) are separately located on the mountaintop and mountainside, respectively.

The mountain can be accessed by the Kintetsu Ikoma Kosaku Line starting from Ikoma Station of the Kintetsu Nara Line, in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture. It can be accessed by car via Shigi-Ikoma Skyline.

There are several routes of the climb to Mt. Ikoma, from Nukata Station of the Kintetsu Nara Line (Osaka Prefecture), Ishikiri Station, Ikoma Station, and Shin-Ishikiri Station of the Kintetsu Keihanna Line.

Facilities including sites for practicing cold water ablutions by a fall (stand under a waterfall), or hokora (a small shrine) of large and small religious organizations centering on Hozan-ji Temple, which is known for belief in material benefits, are located on the mountainside. Many of these have not been reported as facilities of religious organizations, and the number of those facilities are not grasped. Korean Temple, a site for shamanism by Koreans in Japan is mainly located at the western foot of Mt. Ikoma. There is Ikomanimasuikomatsuhiko-jinja Shrine (Ikoma-taisha Shrine), where the God of Mt. Ikoma is worshipped, at the foot of Mt. Ikoma on the Nara Prefecture side.

Kintetsu Nara Line New Ikoma Tunnel, Kintetsu Keihanna Line Ikoma Tunnel, Osaka Electric Tramway Ikoma Tunnel, Nara Line Ikoma Tunnel, and Daini-Hanna Road Toll Hanna Tunnel go through the mountain from east to west.

Broadcasting transmission equipment

Refer to Mt. Ikoma TV FM Transmission Station

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