Mt. Mikami (三上山)

Mt. Mikami is a mountain located in Mikami, Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture. It is popularly known as Omi-Fuji.
Elevation: 432m

Mikami-jinja Shrine and Kibogaoka Culture Park (Shiga Prefecture) are located at its foot.


Being a monadnock, the mountain stands prominently in the region despite its relatively low altitude and can be viewed from across Lake Biwa from the west bank. Yasu River flows to its southwest.


The mountain has been mentioned in 'Kojiki (The Records of Ancient Matters)' and in 'Engishiki (Codes and Procedures on National Rites and Prayers),' as well as in 'waka' poetry. It has also earned the nickname 'Mukade-yama (centipede mountain)' from the legend of FUJIWARA no Hidesato (TAWARA no Toda) destroying a giant centipede there.


In the past, sightseeing bus guides used to describe Mt. Mikami's elevation as '4 x 28 or 428 meters.'
The actual elevation is 432m.

The mountain is mentioned in the school anthem for Moriyama City Moriyama Kita Junior High School.


Mt. Mikami is 2 km to the southeast of Yasu Station on the Tokaido Main Line

National Route 8 runs in the west side of the mountain

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