Mt. Ryozen (霊仙山)

Mount Ryozen is a mountain between Taga-cho and Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture, with a peak elevation of 1,094 m.


The peak is located in Taga-cho town. It is at the northernmost end of the Suzuka Mountain Range. Nature has been preserved largely untouched due to the absence of large-scale development, such as ski resorts. Panorama of Omi Basin and Lake Biwa can be viewed from the mountaintop. Due to its moderate slopes, it is a relatively easy mountain to hike and is a popular hiking destination for beginners, as well as other hikers. In spring, "Fukuju-so" (Adonis ramosa) bloom in clusters in the southwestern ridge, and aconite flowers bloom in large numbers on the mountaintop from summer to autumn. Due to the large number of leeches found during summer and humid seasons, advance information-gathering and leech protection are necessary.

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