Mt. Yamato Katsuragi (大和葛城山)

Mt. Yamato Katsuragi is located in the boundary between Gose City, Nara Prefecture and Chihayaakasaka-mura, Minamikawachi District, Osaka Prefecture. Mt. Yamato Katsuragi has an altitude of 959.2 meters. Since Mt. Yamato Katsuragi is more famous than Mt. Izumi-Katsuragi as a tourist spot on the Kinki Nippon Railway, it is sometimes simply referred to as Mt. Katsuragi.

This mountain is located in Kongo Ikoma Kisen Quasi-National Park, and is one of the mountains in Kongo mountainous district which forms a range of mountains together with Mt. Nijo in north (Nara Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture) and Kongo-san mountain in south (Kongo mountainous district). Shapes of the mountains are gentle, therefore, the area in this neighborhood is sometimes called as the Katsuragi highlands.

Passes up a mountain

The most commonly used pass up the mountain is the route from Gose City, Nara Prefecture to the mountaintop, the starting point of which is conveniently located in terms of public transportation. The Kintetsu Katsuragi Ropeway Line of Kinki Nippon Railway Company connects the starting point for a climb at the foot of the mountain and the point near the mountaintop, and this ropeway line follows almost the same course as the route for walking.

Waterfalls such as Kujira no taki (Whale Fall) and Gyoja no taki (Ascetic Waterfall) can be seen while traveling.

Besides, there is a traverse route from Mt. Nijyo to Kongo-san mountain.



A lot of azaleas grow gregariously near the mountaintop and flower from mid-May to the end of May.


Katsuragi Kogen Lodge is provided near the mountaintop.

Access to Mt. Katsuragi

Take the train bound for "Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Katsuragi Ropeway mae" from Kintetsu Gosho Station of the Kintetsu Gosho-line, and get off at "Kintetsu Katsuragi Ropeway Line Katsuragi Ropeway mae."

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