Naka-gun (Kyoto Prefecture) (中郡 (京都府))

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Naka-gun was a district that existed in Tango Province and Kyoto Prefecture.

Naka-gun in Tango Province had been referred to as Taniha-gun or Tanba-gun until the late Medieval period. This is because Naka-gun was believed to have been the center of Tanba Province, 'Tanba-sato, Tanba-gun, Tanba Province,' for the following reasons: Tango Province was part of Tanba Province, and Tanba-go existed in Naka-gun according to the Wamyo-sho (a dictionary compiled in the Heian period).

Naka-gun included the following towns when it was dissolved:

Omiya-cho (Kyoto Prefecture)
On April 1, 2004, as a result of municipal mergers, Omiya-cho and Mineyama-cho merged to become Kyotango City, and accordingly, Naka-gun was dissolved.

Naka-gun district office under the gunsei (County System Law) was established in Mineyama-cho.

History of municipalities in Naka-gun

April 1, 1889: As a result of the enactment of the chosonsei (Town and Village System Law), Ono-mura, Chozen-mura, Goka-mura, Shinzan-mura, Tanba-mura, Yoshiwara-mura, Mineyama-cho, Kobe-mura, Suki-mura, Mie-mura, Tsuneyoshi-mura and Ikaga-mura were established in Naka-gun (one town and eleven villages).

March 5, 1892: Ono-mura was separated into Kuchiono-mura and Okuono-mura. Naka-gun was comprised of one town and twelve villages.

April 1, 1951: Kobe-mura, Suki-mura, Mie-mura, Tsuneyoshi-mura, Kuchiono-mura and Okuono-mura were merged to form Omiya-cho. Naka-gun was comprised of two towns and six villages.

April 13, 1953: Shinzan-mura absorbed a portion of Omiya-cho.

January 1, 1955: Mineyama-cho, Goka-mura, Shinzan-mura, Tanba-mura and Yoshiwara-mura were merged to form Mineyama-cho. Naka-gun was comprised of two towns and two villages.

July 1, 1956: Omiya-cho absorbed Ikaga-mura. Naka-gun was comprised of two towns and one village.

September 30, 1956: Omiya-cho and Mineyama-cho absorbed Chozen-mura. Naka-gun was comprised of two towns.

April 1, 2004: Omiya-cho, Mineyama-cho, Amino-cho in Takeno-gun, Tango-cho, Yasaka-cho and Kumihama-cho in Kumano-gun were merged to become Kyotango City by implementing the shisei (grant of city status); as a result, Naka-gun was dissolved.

"Go" (unit of the smallest administrative area) in Naka-gun, described in the Wamyo-sho
Kuchiki-go (口枳郷)

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