Nantan (南丹)

Nantan refers to the southern part of the Tanba area of Kyoto Prefecture, and administratively includes the two cities and one town of Kameoka City, Nantan City and Kyotanba-cho of Funai-gun (former Funai-gun, former Kitakuwada-gun and former Minamikuwada-gun), all of which are located in the central part of Kyoto Prefecture. In the past, the area was generally called "Kuchitanba" or "Kuchitan", not Nantan, and even now, there are some people who refer to the area with these terms instead of Nantan. Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education uses the former terms, for example, within Kuchitan school area.

Alhough being in the Tanba Province area, Nantan is closely related to Kyoto and Osaka, and, when Osaka District Meteorological Observatory and Kyoto Local Meteorological Observatory use the term of "the south part of Kyoto Prefecture," it refers to the area which includes both Yamashiro Province and Nantan. Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., Nippon Express and Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. use the term of "the south part of Kyoto Prefecture" to indicate the area which includes both Yamashiro Province and Nantan.

Nantan has been used as an administrative term since around 1965. Much interaction exists between its southern part, which is located along the Katsura-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system) and its northern part, which is located along the Yura-gawa River, but it cannot be said that the area constitutes a single cultural area, due to the slight differences in dialect which exist between the two regions.

The term is used not only to indicate an adminimistrative area, but is increasingly used to refer to the names of various facilities and business sites, regardless of whether they are owned publicly or privately.

Even after the regional promotion bureaus were integrated, the term Nantan remains in the Nantan Area Promotion Bureau (Kameoka City).

Facilities with Nantan in its name

Nantan City

Kyoto Prefectural NANTAN Livestock Hygiene Center

Kyoto Prefecture Nantan Area Promotion Bureau (Kameoka City)

The Nantan Health Care Center of Kyoto Prefecture

The Nantan Center of Kyoto Prefecture for Improving and Popularizing Agriculture (Nantan City)

The Nantan Engineering Office of Kyoto Prefecture (Nantan City)

The Nantan Education Bureau of Kyoto Prefecture (Nantan City)

Nantan General Hospital (Nantan City)

The Kyoto Prefectural Nantan High School (Kameoka City)

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