Nishi-Maizuru (西舞鶴)

Nishi-Maizuru is the western half of present Maizuru City. It corresponds to the old Maizuru City before it merged with Higashi-Maizuru City on May 27 1943, and is called Kyu-maizuru City (old Maizuru City).

Nishi-Maizuru refers to the western half of Maizuru City that constitutes the castle town of Tanabe-jo Castle (Tango Province) (Maizuru-jo Castle) having a fine view of Mt. Atago as well as Kasa area.

Unlike Higashi-Maizuru, Nishi-Maizuru developed as a castle town mainly around the Maizuru Port and the Isatsu-gawa River in the Edo period, and as a commercial city in recent times. There remain many historic shrines and temples around the site of the Old Tanabe-jo Castle. Today there are many regional branches of national or prefectural courts and governments; for example, Maizuru Police Station, which was established through the merging of Maizuru Higashi Police Station and Maizuru Nishi Police Station in April 2005, as well as the Eighth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.

In addition, there are enterprises in operation such as Shiseido Co., Ltd. and Kirin Beverage Company, Ltd. in Kuratani Industrial Park (Kyoto), and Kita Industrial Park is active in inviting companies. Goro Sky Tower on Mt. Gorogadake commands a view of the townscape of Nishi-Maizuru.

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