Nishiyoshino Onsen Hot Spring (西吉野温泉)

Nishiyoshino Onsen Hot Spring is a hot spring which is located in Jodo, Nishiyoshino Town, Gojo City, Nara Prefecture (former Nishi-yoshino Village) (Yamato Province, old province).


By car: Take National Route 168 from the Central part of Gojo City (Honjin Crossing: the point of intersection of National Route 24, 118 and 310) and go south toward Totsu-kawa River. It takes approximately 30 minutes. At Kido Crossing, take Nara Prefectural Road No.20 Shimoichi Munehi Route toward Shimoichi City. It takes approximately 3 minutes.

By bus: Take a bus of the Nara Kotsu Bus Lines bound for Nishiyoshino Onsen Hot Spring (via Jodo on the bus-dedicated road) from Wakayama Line Gojo Station of the West Japan Railway Company (Nara Prefecture) for approximately 30 minutes, or take the bus bound for Totsu-kawa River (for Jodo, Shingu Station, etc.) for approximately 30 minutes and a 20-minute walk after getting off at the Kido bus stop.

Spring quality

Salt spring

Hot springs resort area

There are a few hot-spring hotels, public accommodation facility 'Nishiyoshi no So Inn' and public day visit hot spring 'Seminar House Kisumikan.'


Nishiyoshino Onsen Hot Spring has a long history, and it is said the in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan), the Emperors stopped in to get rid of travel fatigue on their way to Yoshino.

Since the end of Edo Period, a few hot-spring hotels have stood in a row to be a good posting station for travelers coming in and going out on the road.

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