Oura Peninsula (大浦半島)

Extending over the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture and Wakasa area of Fukui Prefecture, Oura Peninsula projects into Wakasa Bay.

To be more exact, Oura Peninsula extends over a part of Maizuru City in Kyoto Prefecture and a part of Takahama-cho in Fukui Prefecture, where the Takahama Nuclear Power Plant operated by the Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. on the side of Fukui Prefecture is located. On the side of Kyoto Prefecture is the Ryuguhama Seaside Resort and Nohara Seaside Resort, with beautiful scenery designated as Wakasa Bay Quasi-National Park, resulting in many tourists visiting the area mainly during the summer season. At the foot of the Oura Peninsula on the side of Kyoto Prefecture, there exists Matsuo-dera Temple (Maizuru City), which is No. 29 pilgrim stamp office of the 33 Temples of Saigoku.

The northern edge is Naryu-zaki Cape, and the northwestern edge is Bakuchi-misaki Cape. And Oura Peninsula holds Maizuru Bay in its arm in the direction of its southwest.

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