Rakunan Shintoshi (literally, new city in the south of Kyoto) (洛南新都市)

Rakunan shintoshi is a new city which is planned to be prepared in the reclaimed land from former Ogura-ike Pond in the south of Yodo-gawa River in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is sometimes called "Rakunan shintoshin" (literally, new city center in the south of Kyoto).

There is an idea to extend the Karasuma line of Kyoto City Subway to this new city, but they have not yet moved into action. Because Keiji Bypass and the Second Keihan national highway run in the vicinity of the site of this new city, it will become the important point for traffic.

The idea of a large-scale ballpark (name is not determined yet) to replace Nishikyogoku ballpark is possible but it has not yet taken form.

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