Rokujo-gawara (六条河原)

Rokujo-gawara was used as an execution ground and located on the riverside of Kamogawa river (Yodogawa river system) running in Kyoto City. It was a historic battlefield.


Long ago, many political offenders were executed here who protested against those in power. Famous busho (Japanese military commanders) and politicians who met their end here included MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi and TAIRA no Tadamasa in the Hogen War, MINAMOTO no Yoshihira and FUJIWARA no Nobuyori in the Heiji War, TAIRA no Yoshimune in the Genpei War, Toshimitsu SAITO in the Honnoji Incident, Mitsunari ISHIDA, Yukinaga KONISHI and Ekei ANKOKUJI in the Battle of Sekigahara, and the remnants from the Osaka (Toyotomi) side including Morichika CHOSOKABE, Hidenori SENGOKU and Kunimatsu TOYOTOMI in the Siege of Osaka. After the execution, the severed heads were exposed for public display at the foot of Sanjo Ohashi Bridge.

After TAIRA no Munemori, and his son, TAIRA no Kiyomune, were executed in Omi Province, the severed heads were exposed for public display at Rokujo-gawara.

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