Rurikei River Valley Hot Spring (るり渓温泉)

Rurikei River Valley Hot Spring is a hot spring located in Sonobe-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture (Tanba Province under the ancient administrative division).
It has two hot spring sources; one is 'Rurikei River Valley Highland Hot Spring' and the other is 'Rurikei River Valley Flower Hot Spring.'
Rurikei River Valley Highland Hot Spring is designated the People's Recreation Spa. It can be written in kanji characters but is commonly written in hiragana.


Bus service is available from Nissei Chuo Station of Nose Electric Railway Co., Ltd. and Sonobe Station of the JR Sanin Main Line. It can also be reached by driving east for a short while from the border between Kyoto and Osaka Prefectures along the National Route 173.

Hot-spring water quality

Radioactive springs containing radon
Two bath tubs of water from different sources are laid out so close to each other that you can put the right foot in one and the left foot in the other.

While the temperature difference isn't significant, there is a difference to the touch due to the different constitution of the water.

Rurikei River Valley Highland Hot Spring: simple radioactive hot spring; hypotonic, alkalescent and low temperature
Rurikei River Valley Flower Hot Spring: simple weak radioactive, cold mineral spring; hypotonic, neutral hypotonic and cold mineral spring

Hot spring resort area

There is a public bath facility for day trip visitors and one inn for lodging. Both are located within Kyoto Prefectural Ruri-kei Valley Natural Park.


May 11, 2000: It was designated as People's Recreation Spa by notification of the Ministry of the Environment.

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