Rurikei River Valley (るり渓)

Rurikei is located in Sonobe-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture, and is a valley spanning four kilometers where the Sonobe-gawa River, a tributary of the Oi-gawa River, runs through the area. It was designated as a place of national scenic beauty in 1932 and also as the Municipal Natural Park.

The origin of the name came from the clear stream from Lake Tsuten-ko, located in the upstream of the valley, where the reflected light resembles shiny lapis lazuli.

The soil is composed of rhyolite and many uniquely shaped rocks due to erosion can be seen, together with waterfalls scattered throughout the area. There are twelve famous places and Kinshugan, Soryuen, Kakkyukan (the place where dragons drink water), Zazenseki (Meditation Rock), and Suishoren (Crystal blind) are named after Chinese poem-like names. It is also famous for its autumn leaves and popular as a resort located close to Kyoto City.

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