Saikyo (Nishikyo) (西京)

Saikyo (Nishikyo) is defined as the 'Nishi no Kyo' (Western Kyo (Capital)), or 'Kyo no Nishi' (West of Kyo).

Concerning Yamaguchi City: Yamaguchi that prospered during the Muromachi period was called Saikyo or Nishi no Kyo with the definition of 'Nishi no Kyoto' (Western Kyoto). Saikyo Bank and Yamaguchi Municipal Saikyo High School exist even to the present day.

Concerning Kyoto: There was a period where Kyoto was referred to as Saikyo from Tokyo Tento (the event where Tokyo was designated as the capital) which occurred after the Meiji Restoration. This alias disappeared after a while, but Saikyo Miso or Saikyozuke (Saikyo Pickles) originated from this alias. Saikyo University was the former name of Kyoto Prefectural University.

Nishikyo Ward: The ward located in the western Kyoto City.

Concerning Yuge no Miya (it is also called as 'Nishi no Miyako' (Western Capital)): it was the temporary secondary capital designated by the Emperor Shotoku during Nara period and located in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture.

Nishi no Kyo
Nishi no Kyo, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City is located on the western area of Heian-kyo.

In addition, 'Saikyo' and 'Nishi no Kyo' were used as an alias for Ukyo (west part of capital) of Heian-kyo which lost its control as the capital at the end of Heian period (On the other hand, Sakyo (east part of capital) was called as 'Rakuchu').

Nishinokyo-cho, Nara City is located west of Heijo-kyo.

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