Sanjo Keihan (三条京阪)

Sanjo Keihan is the location name of the eastern area around Sanjo-ohashi Bridge in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City.


The location name of Sanjo Keihan derived from the bus stop of Sanjo Keihan mae (front of Sanjo Keihan). There is a Kyoto custom that describes intersection and location by arranging east and west and south and north streets, but it was probably described as the 'intersection of the Sanjo Road and a type of street called "Keihan"' when there was a main line of Keihan currently placed underground.


The intersection central to Sanjo Keihan is the Sanjo Ohashi intersection where Kawabata-dori and Sanjo-dori Streets interchange. The Sanjo-ohashi Bridge is located just the west of Sanjo Ohashi Intersection and runs across the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system).

The two stations closest to Sanjo Keihan are Sanjo Station (Kyoto Prefecture) on the Keihan Main Line and Keihan Oto Line of Keihan Electric Railway (Alias: Keihan Sanjo Station or Sanjo Keihan) and Sanjo Keihan Station of Tozai Line of Kyoto Municipal Subway. Keihan Sanjo Station is directly below Kawabata-dori Street including Sanjo Ohashi Intersection, and Sanjo Keihan Station is located directly below Sanjo-dori Street slightly east of Sanjo-ohashi Intersection. These two stations are stations to change trains with each other.

There are Starbucks toward north and Lawson Sanjo-ohashi Bridge Branch toward south once walking across Sanjo-ohashi Bridge. These are meeting places for touring around Sanjokawaramachi-dori Street. The Lawson Sanjo-ohashi Bridge Branch is noted for having a unique glass covered wall facing the road, and is considered to be an easy place to spot and meet even for people visiting Sanjo Keihan for the first time.

There is a meeting spot of 'Dogeza-zo' (the statue kneeling down on the ground) (Hikokuro TAKAYAMA statue) known by Kyoto citizens at southeastern part of Sanjo Ohashi Intersection. There are multi-commercial facility KYOUEN and Kyoto City, Kyoto, and Keihan Bus Stops on the vacant lot of Keishin Sanjo Station (the alias of Keihan Electric Railway Keihan Keishin Line station), and there are bus heading toward Ohara, Iwakura, Arashiyama, Yamashina Ward, Daigo Station (Kyoto Station), and Mount Hiei. Due to the opening of subway or Keihan Oto Line, many routes that were designated as first run buses decreased dramatically, but there are still those running for the direction of Arashiyama and Omuro (there are hardly any routes that start from Sanjo Keihan due to the extension of Kawabata-dori Street south of Sanjo as well as the change of routes to Shijo and Sanjo Loop due to the road conditions).

Surrounding places of interest

Within the walking distance

Book Off Corporation Kyoto Sanjo Station Building Branch

Lawson Sanjo-ohashi Bridge Branch



Ponto-cho (Ponto Town)

Kiyamachi-dori Street

ROUND 1 (Bowling center)

Place slightly further away

Sanjo Mall


Kennin-ji Temple

Heian Jingu Shrine

Bus stops

Sanjo Keihan mae (Kyoto City Bus, Kyoto Bus), Sanjo Keihan (Keihan Bus)

Kyoto Municipal Bus

There are many buses that leave from Kawaramachi Sanjo in a five minute walking distance.

Kyoto Bus

Keihan Bus

For Hieidaira, Mount Hiei, Yamashina Ward, Oyake, Daigo Station (Kyoto Prefecture), Rokujizo Station, Kawaramachi Station (Kyoto Prefecture), and Kyoto Station

Currently, all of it is managed by Yamashina Office, Keihan Bus Co., Ltd, but Keihan Bus Neyagawa Business Office (Keihan Express Line, abolished) and Keihan Bus Otsu Business Office (Keihan Otsu Line, abolished) were also operating their lines.

Highway bus

For Kanazawa (Hokuriku Highway Bus), Ueno Station, Chiba-chuo Station, and The Tokyo Midnight Express Uji-go bus

Limousine bus

Kansai International Airport

In addition, Teisan Konan Kotsu (Teisan Konan Transportation) had its own route as well.

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