Shijo Karasuma (四条烏丸)

Shijo Karasuma is the name of the area around the crossing between Shijo-dori Street and Karasuma-dori Street in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture as well as the crossing itself.


The district from Shijo Kawaramachi to Shijo Karasuma is the downtown area of present Kyoto City. In the area around the Shijo Kawaramachi crossing, business operations are centered on retail services, while, in the area around the Shijo Karasuma crossing, many banks and securities companies are located, making the area one of the largest financial districts in western Japan as well as the financial and business center of Kyoto. (In the past, Kyoto Stock Exchange was located in this area.

Along Shijo-dori Street, there is a shopping street continuing from Kawaramachi-dori street.

Two stations are located at the Shijo Karasuma crossing. The station on the Hankyu Kyoto Main Line of Hankyu Railway, which runs under Shijo-dori Street, is Karasuma Station, and the one on the Karasuma Line of Kyoto Municipal Subway, which runs under Karasuma-dori Street, is Shijo Station (Kyoto Municipal Subway). These two stations are used to switch train lines, and each of them is sometimes called "a station at Shijo Karasuma" without differentiating each other.

It is customary to call the crossing as 'Shijo Karasuma,' but, to indicate the area in the north-south direction of the crossing, 'Karasuma Shijo' is used (for how to name a street, refer to the geography of Kyoto).


(In the southwest of the crossing)

Kyoto Sangyo Kaikan (the Kyoto industrial hall) (Silk Hall)

The Kyoto Municipal Karasuma parking lot

The headquarters of Bank of Kyoto

Ikenobo College/Ikenobo Cultural Institute

Kandaijin Tenmangu Shrine

Gojo Police Station


Kyoto Cinema

FM-KYOTO Inc. (an FM (VHF) radio broadcasting station)

(In the northwest of the crossing)

The labor standards supervision office for the lower Kyoto area

Nozomi Gakuen Shijo Karasuma Location

Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank

(In the northeast of the crossing)

A Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (in Kyoto Mitsui Building)

The Daimaru Kyoto store

The Kyoto Higashi no Toin Nishiki Post Office

Wings Kyoto

(In the southeast of the crossing)
The Kyoto branch and the central-Kyoto branch of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (in Kyoto Dia building)

Transportation means
Shijo Station (on the Karasuma Line of Kyoto Municipal Subway)
Karasuma Station (Hankyu Kyoto Line)

Bus stops

Shijo Karasuma

Kyoto City buses

Kyoto buses

Keihan buses

Bound for the directions of Daigo Station (Kyoto Prefecture) and Yamashina Ward

West Japan JR buses

Bound for Keihoku-cho/for Kyoto Station

Merging roads

In the east-west direction: Shijo-dori Street (the Arashiyama Gion Line of Kyoto Municipal Route 186)

In the north-south direction: Karasuma-dori Street (National Route 367)

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