Tenjin-gawa River (Kyoto City) (天神川 (京都市))

Tenjin-gawa River belongs to the first-class rivers of the Yodo-gawa River system. Its upstream portion is also called Kamiya-gawa River. In the past, it was called Nishi Hori-kawa River.

The name of 'Tenjin-gawa River' is given because its middlestream portion flows on the west side of Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine. Odoi (earth wall) still remains around the area where this river borders Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine.

On the left bank of the Shijo-to-Nishi-Kyogoku-bashi Bridge portion of the river, Someiyoshino cherry trees are lined for a very long distance, and their blossoms in full bloom provide a magnificent view, are favored by citizens as a beauty spot to enjoy cherry blossoms.


This river originates in the east foot of Mt. Sawa in Narutaki, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City (the altitude: 515.8 m) and initially flows to the north. It reaches the east side of the Takamine (鷹峯) plateau after flowing around it, flows mostly southwards after that and then flows through the Kinugasa/Kitano districts of the Kyoto urban area. It flows through the west side of Kitano Temnan-gu Shrine, and flows southwards in parallel with Nishi-odori Street at about 100-m east of it. After its flow direction changes to the west at around Hanazono (in the south of Enmachi Station), it merges with Omuro-gawa River and crosses Nishi Takase-gawa River. After merging with Omuro-gawa River, it flows further southwards in parallel with Tenjingwa-dori Street (National Route 162/the Utanokisshoin Line of Kyoto Municipal Route 184) before reaching Nishi-Kyogoku, finally being merged into Katsura-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system) in Kisshoin Shimonomukai-cho, Minami Ward.

Autonomous bodies through which the river flows

Kyoto Prefecture
Ukyo Ward of Kyoto City, Kita Ward (Kyoto City), Kamigyo Ward, Nakagyo Ward, Ukyo Ward and Minami Ward (Kyoto City)

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