Tosenji Onsen Hot Spring (湯泉地温泉)

Tosenji Onsen Hot Spring is a hot spring in Totsukawa-mura village, Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture (the former Yamato Province).


By car: Take National route 168 from Gojo City or Singu City

By bus: Take Nara Kotsu Bus Lines (Yagi-Shingu Route, Totsukawa Route) from Yamato-Yagi Station of the Kinki Nippon Railway Company, Gojo Station of the West Japan Railway Company, or JR Singu Station, and get off the bus at the bus stop, `Totsukawa-mura Office.'

Spring quality

Sulfur spring

Hot spring resort

There are five Japanese Inns and two Minshuku (private home that runs inn providing room and board) in the vicinity of Totsukawa-mura Office

There are two communal baths. They are Izumiyu and Takinoyu. Both of them are equipped with an open spa and a indoor hot spring.


It was opened 550 years ago. Nobumori SAKUMA spent his last time here. His grave still remains.

On March 19, 1985, it was designated as a People's Recreation Spa along with Totsukawa Onsen Hot Spring and Kamiyu Onsen Hot Spring.

On June 28, 2004, Totsukawa-mura village office declared that hot springs within Totsukawa-mura village are` 100% free-flowing hot-spring.'

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