Tsuge-mura (都祁村)

Tsuge-mura is a village which once existed in the northeast part of Nara Prefecture.

On April 1, 2005, it was placed to Nara City along with Tsukigase-mura, Soekami district.

It is a village located in Kasagi hilly district (the Yamato highlands) in the northeast part of Nara Prefecture.

The climate there is rather cold in comparison with the basin area, accordingly it is comfortable in summer, while it is terribly cold in winter. Meihan National Route runs across the village, thus the village is quite conveniently located in terms of public transportation.

On January 1, 1955, Tsugeno village and Harigabessho village in Yamabe County were synoecized to establish Tsuge-mura village.

On April 1, it was placed to Nara City, and disappeared.

It can be said that Tsuge-mura was a typical `conservative village.'
For instance, the village council seemed to be a meeting of representative people in each oaza (an administrative unit) and spokespeople of residents in oaza. For that reason, the members of the village council were often selected without an election.

Neighboring autonomous body
Nara City, Tenri City, Sakurai City, Yamazoe Village, Yamabe County, Haibara-cho, Uda County (Nara Prefecture), Muro Village


All the educational institutions were transferred to Nara City due to synoecism.

Elementary School

Nara City Tsuge Elementary School
Nara City Hayama Elementary School
Nara City Rikugo Elementary School
Nara City Nanmatsu Elementary School

Junior High School

Nara City Tsuge Junior High School http//www.naracity.ed.jp/tsuge-j/

High School

Nara Prefectural Yamabe High School

Okuuda Koiki Nodo road (Yamanami Road)

Famous places, historic remains, sightseeing spots, rites and festivals, events


Michi no eki Hari T.R.S (terasu)

Ikoi no mura (the village for relaxation), the Yamato highlands

Tsuge Hot springs, FITNESS BIRD

Historic sites, historic remains

The grave of OHARIDA no Yasumaro
Tsugemikumari-jinja Shrine
Sanryobo ancient tomb
The former icehouse in Hayama

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