Tsukigase Village (a village that once existed in Nara Prefecture) (月ヶ瀬村)

Tsukigase Village was a village that once existed in Nara Prefecture.

On April 1, 2005, Tsukigase Village was incorporated by Nara City, together with Tsuge Village, Yamabe County. It corresponds to present-day Tsukigase, Nara City.

It is located in the northeastern edge of Nara Prefecture, and the Nabari-gawa River horizontally flows across the village, looking like a ravine. It is famous as plum tree viewing spot, and there are many visitors from a long distance when plum trees are in bloom.

It is also known as a production area of tea, fresh green leaves cover slopes brightly in the beginning of summer.

Economically, it has a strong tie with Iga City, Mie Prefecture (the former Ueno City). Until February 1, 1998, together with the most part of Yamazoe Village, the zip code was the number that begins with 518, which indicates that it belongs to Mie Prefecture. Before zip code was changed to be a 7-digit number, its common post office was transferred from Yokkaichi-Nishi Post Office to Nara Central Post Office, and its zip code turned out to be the number that begins with 630, which indicates it belongs to Nara Prefecture. Today, out of six prefectures in Kinki region, only Kitayama Village, Higashimuro County, Wakayama Prefecture is placed under the administration of Yokkaichi-Nishi Post Office.

Police: Nara Police Station, Nara Prefectural Police
Civil engineering: Nara Civil Engineering Office, Nara Prefecture

Neighboring autonomous body
Nara Prefecture
Yamazoe Village of Yamabe County, Nara City
Kyoto Prefecture
Minami-yamashiro Village, Soraku County
Mie Prefecture
Iga City



Prefectural road
Main regional road
Kyoto and Nara Prefectural Road 4, Kasagi Yamazoe Route
Nara Prefectural Road 82, Ueno Minami Yamashiro Line
Prefectural road
Nara Prefectural Road 753, Tsukigase Imayama Line

Famous places, ruins, sightseeing spots, festivals, events
Tsukigase Bairin (plum-grove park)
Tsukigase Onsen (hot springs)

Celebrity from Tsukigase Village
Shiro MASUDA (a historian, recipient of Order of Culture)

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