Wada Wharf (和田埠頭)

Wada Wharf covering an area of about thirty-three hectares is scheduled to be constructed in the Maizuru Bay in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture.


The Maizuru Port located on the side of the Japan Sea is the most important base port in the Keihanshin area, and its importance has been increasing recently due to marine transportation that is now offered to Shanghai, among other reasons. However, the Maizuru Nishi Port, port for foreign trade, functions not only as a commercial port but also as a fishing port; therefore, there was difficulty in operating service for large-scale container vessels which have recently played a leading part in marine transportation. In order to meet the supply in 2010, Kyoto Prefecture is constructing and developing a dedicated wharf to work as a multipurpose international wharf responding to 50,000 ton-class full-container vessels.

Progress of construction

At present, the first phase of construction (thirteen hectares) is in progress, and as to the wharf itself, the quay part is completed. As an access road to Wada Wharf, a seaside road is now under construction. Among these, the 'Agu Tunnel' was completed on September 9, 2005, and the road is scheduled to be completed in 2008.

Area of land to be subdivided: 6.1 hectares


1996: Started construction

1997: Completed FAZ facility

2005: Started construction of seaside road, and completed the Agu Tunnel

Industrial parks behind the wharf

Kita Industrial Park (Maizuru City)

Kuratani Industrial Park (Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture)

Taira Industrial Park (Maizuru City)

Nagahama Industrial park (Maizuru City)

Kyoto Prefecture Ayabe Industrial Park (Ayabe City)

Ayabe City Industrial Park (Ayabe City)

Osadano Industrial Park (Fukuchiyama City)

Ecotopia Miwa (Miwa Industrial Park) (Fukuchiyama City (formerly Miwa town), Kyoto Prefecture)

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