Yakunogahara Ski Ground (a former ski ground in Kamiyakuno Town, Kyoto Prefecture) (夜久野ヶ原スキー場)

Yakunogahara Ski Ground was used to be a ski ground located in Kamiyakuno, Yakuno-cho, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture.

It was a ski ground that opened around 1924, and because of its convenient location for being in front of the railway station, it was crowded with people in the days when it opened.

However, as the road systems developed after the World War II, customers became attracted to other ski grounds, and the Yakunogahara Ski Ground closed down.

Around 1924


The year of XXXX.

Closed down.


Located just south of Kamiyakuno Station, JR West Sanin Main Line.

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