Yamazaki Shuku (a post town) (山崎宿)

Yamazaki Shuku is a post town located at the border between Settsu Province and Yamashiro Province on Sanyodo Road, also known as Saigoku Kaido Road. It was an autonomous city like Sakai City. Mitsuhide AKECHI and Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI made an agreement to avoid combating in the city during the Battle of Yamazaki.

It was a starting point not only to Sanyodo Road but also to Tanba Kaido Road. In ancient times, there was Yamazaki-bashi Bridge built across the Yodo-gawa River and a port for foreign delegates. Seki Daimyojin Shrine, Rikyu Hachimangu Shrine, Yamazaki Station (irrelevant to railway "Yamazaki Station") are currently existent as remains.

At the time of Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures), Osaka Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture fought over the right to inherit the name of Yamazaki. Consequently Osaka side was named Shimamoto Town and Kyoto side was named Oyamazaki Town.

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