Yohoro-gawa River (与保呂川)

Yohoro-gawa River belongs to a class B river system which runs through Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is the biggest river in Higashi Maizuru.


Yohoro-gawa River begins in Mt. Yoro (Kyoto Prefecture) (665m above sea level) on the border between Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, and Ayabe City, and runs into the Maizuru Bay through Higashi Maizuru. A row of cherry trees is planted at an embankment at its basin, and many tourists visit this location during the cherry-blossom viewing season.

Basin municipalities

Kyoto Prefecture
Maizuru City


The Navy and Source of the Yohoro-gawa River
Maizuru City has a history of being developed as the only military port along the Japan Sea after Maizuru Chinjufu (Maizuru Naval District) was established in 1901; however, in order to complete its construction before the establishment of Chinjufu, the construction of the military water system started in 1898, and the Katsura reservoir was completed upstream of Yohoro-gawa River. In addition, the Kishidani reservoir was completed in 1905, and the Yohoro-gawa River itself was utilized as a water system by the military. The river water is now used for drinking and agriculture not only in the Yohoro district of Maizuru City, but across the whole area of Higashi Maizuru.

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