Yosano-cho (Yosano Town) (与謝野町)

Yosano-cho is the town located in Yosa-gun from the foot to the center of Tango Peninsula in northern Kyoto. It was born from the unification of Kaya-cho, Iwataki-cho, and Nodagawa-cho in Yosa-gun on March 1, 2006.
There are many people who pronounce Yosa as 'Yoza' but the correct pronunciation is 'Yosa.'


It is located at the area of alluvial fan of the Noda-gawa River called Kaya Valley. Mt. Oe is located at the southeastern Kaya district, and there was a nickel mine previously.

Adjacent municipalities

Kyoto Prefecture

Fukuchiyama City

Miyazu City

Kyotango City

Hyogo Prefecture

Toyooka City


March 1, 2006: It was born from the city, town, and village unification of three towns of Kaya-cho, Iwataki-cho, and Nodagawa-cho in Yosa-gun.


Mayor: Atsumi OTA

She became instantaneously famous for being the only female head in Kyoto Prefecture at the time of passing the election of the mayor of Nodagawa-cho.

International relation

Aberystwyth (Wales, Great Britain)

Hospital and clinics

Yosa no Umi Hospital in Kyoto Prefecture


Iwatakiguchi and Nodagawa Stations on Kitakinki Tango Railway Miyazu Line, Kitakinki Tango Railway Corporation (KTR).

Iwatakiguchi Station is located in Miyazu City but is the entrance station of Iwataki area.


Buses operated by Tango Kairiku Kotsu Co., Ltd. runs across.



Planning: Tottori Toyooka Miyazu Jidoshado Expressway (Miyazu Nodagawa Road, Miyazu Omiya Road) Nodagawa Iwataki Interchange (tentative name)

Michi no Eki (Roadside station)

Michi no Eki Silk no Machi (Silk Town) Kaya

Tourist facilities

Kaya SL Ground

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