Yuhigaura Hot Spring (夕日ヶ浦温泉)

Yuhigaura Hot Spring is a hot spring located in Amino-cho, Tango City, Kyoto Prefecture (Tango Province under an ancient administrative division).

Hamazume Hot Spring may be included and collectively called Yuhigaura Hot Spring.


Railway: five minutes by taxi from Amino Station and Kitsu-onsen Station of the Kitakinki Tango Railway Miyazu Line

Bus: A direct bus service is available from Osaka and, in addition, some inns have a courtesy car service to Keihanshin (Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe) area. There is also a regular service of buses named 'Kanichan Amino Chokkobin' (nonstop buses to Amino) from Kyoto. Seasonal buses named 'Kani Chokko Bus' (Kani nonstop bus) are available during the winter.

Hot-spring water quality

Simple hot spring
Temperatures of the spring source: 40 to 43 degrees Celsius.
Nicknamed 'Bijin-no-yu' (a hot spring of beauty) Hot Spring

Hot spring resort area

A hot spring resort area extends near Yuhigaura (the Hamazume Coast), a place noted as one of Japan's best 100 sunset locations. There are 16 inns and guest houses. During the winter season, inns in the Hamazume area attract visitors from Keihanshin by serving dishes of winter crabs.
With extensive promotion activities together with Kitsu-onsen Hot Spring and Kumihama, 'Amino Hamazume' has been widely known for its 'winter crabs.'

The nearby Yuhigaura Beach is crowded with sea bathers during the summer.

A sand bath can be enjoyed in some inns in the hot spring resort area.

An open-air spa is available in the nearby Kotobiki-hama beach, which is famous for sand that sounds like it sings.

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