Yunohana-onsen Hot Spring (Kyoto Prefecture) (湯の花温泉 (京都府))

Yunohana-onsen is a hot spring resort located in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture (formerly Tanba Province).


Car: about a 10-minute drive to the west on National Route 372 from Kameoka Interchange of the Kyoto Longitudinal Expressway

Railroad: about a 15-minute ride from Kameoka Station on the JR Sanin Main Line
Bus: about a twenty-minute ride from JR Kameoka Station by Keihan Kyoto Kotsu bus (public transport)

The hot spring resort is located in the mountain area which is approximately 7 km west from the urban area of Kameoka City and extends from Hiedano-cho to Honme-cho of the same city.

Quality of hot spring

It is a simple thermal, radioactive spring (natural radium spring).

The spring is a cold spring which has a springhead temperature of 17 degrees Celcius.

Hot-spring resort area

Accommodations stand side by side in the district around the bypass of National Route 372. Statues of Oni (ogres) standing at the entrance to the hot-spring resort welcome visitors. In addition to accommodations, there is a spa station where anyone can buy 200 liters of hot spring water for 100 yen. There are eleven facilities providing accommodations.


Yunohana-onsen is said to be a hot spring made from the tears of an Oni which were closed by a numen of Cherry Stone, natural treasure, which was transformed into mica due to hydrothermal alteration of mineral called cordierite which was found here, and it is said that the custom to throw beans during Setsubun (Bean Throwing Night) was developed from the Cherry Stone.

The present-day Yunohana-onsen was established through the rediscovery of the springhead through a survey conducted based on ancient documents that mentioned busho (Japanese military commander) during the Sengoku period visiting the hot spring to be cured. John Lennon and Yoko Ono, also visited here, and Masayuki KAKEFU did training on his own at the hot springs when he was playing in the Hanshin Tigers.

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