Amazuka-kofun Tumulus (天塚古墳)

Amazuka-kofun Tumulus is a kofun (tumulus) at Uzumasa Matsumoto-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is a large keyhole-shaped tomb mound with two horizontal stone chambers. It has been designated as a state historic site.

Size and shape

It is the second largest kofun after Hebizuka-kofun Tumulus among kofuns in Kyoto city. It features two narrowest parts: one in the center part and the other in the front part. This kofun was excavated in 1887, and more than four hundred funerary goods such as pieces of iron bits and iron harnesses, bronze mirrors, and magadama comma-shaped bead were discovered. The Shimizuyama-kofun Tumulus is nearby. The kofun is assumed to be the tomb for the Hata family.

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