Arachi no-seki checking station (愛発関)

Arachi no-seki was a sekisho (checking station) on the border between Omi Province and Echizen Province. It was one of sangen (three major checking stations) with Suzuka-no-seki checking station on the Tokai-do Road and Fuwa-no-seki checking station on the Tosan-do Road.

Precise location is undetermined because excavation and research have not been undertaken, but it is considered to have been along the Hokuriku-do Road in a mountainous area in southern Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture. It is also said to have been in Michinokuchi which is an entrance to Tsuruga Plain. Based on written records, excavation and research, and presumption that it was founded after Yamanakagoe (a local road) from Omi and Fukasakagoe (a mountain path separating Fukui Prefecture and Shiga Prefecture) were united, recent study shows that Hikida, Tsuruga City is the most likely location.

It is considered to have founded to protect Omi no miya from Togoku (the eastern part of Japan, particularly Kanto region) in the period of Emperor Tenchi, its scale could have been either equaling or surpassing gunga (county government offices) and gundan (military service). In 764, when FUJIWARA no Nakamaro raised a rebellion, the checking station was closed to stop him running away to Echizen Province where his son lived. After that, it was destroyed in 789, and there is no record that Arachi no-seki was closed in the Kusuko Incident in 810, alternatively, Osaka no-seki checking station in Omi Province received notification, so it is considered to have been abolished completely by this time.

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