Asuka-Fujiwara Archaeological sites of Japans Ancient Capitals and Related Properties (飛鳥・藤原の宮都とその関連資産群)

Asuka-Fujiwara: Archaeological sites of Japan's Ancient Capitals and Related Properties is the generic term of archaeological sites in Asuka, Nara Prefecture and has been accepted to the World Heritage (cultural heritage) Tentative List of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Nara Prefecture and others proposed the additional inscription of 'Asuka-Fujiwara: Archaeological sites of Japan's Ancient Capitals and Related Properties' on the Tentative List in November 2006 and the Agency for Cultural Affairs decided to apply for it together with Tomioka Seishi-jo (Tomioka Silk Mill) (Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture, etc.), Mt. Fuji (Yamanashi Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture) and Churches and Christian Sites in Nagasaki (Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, etc.) on January 23, 2007.

Cultural Properties Included in the Heritage
All of them are government-designated historic sites if not otherwise specified.

Asuka-mura Village
Ishibutai-kofun Tumulus (special historic site)
Takamatsuzuka-kofun Tumulus (special historic site)
Kitora-kofun Tumulus (special historic site)
Kawara-dera Temple Ruins
Daian-ji Temple Ruins
Kengoshizuka-kofun Tumulus
Nakaoyama-kofun Tumulus
Sakafuneishi Site
Jorin-ji Temple Ruins
Asuka-dera Temple Ruins
Precincts of Tachibana-dera Temple
Iwayayama-kofun Tumulus
Legendary Asuka Itabuki-no-Miya Imperial Palace Site
Asuka Mizuochi Ruins
Asuka Inabuchi-no-Miya Palace Ruins
Marukoyama-kofun Tumulus
Asuka-Ike-Kobo Ruins
Hinokuma-dera Temple Ruins
Asukakyo-ato-enchi Site (historic sites and places of scenic beauty)
Oka-dera Temple Ruins
Sakurai City
Yamada-dera Temple Ruins (special historic site)
Kashihara City
Fujiwara-kyo Palace Site (special historic site)
Moto-Yakushi-ji Temple Ruins (special historic site)
Ueyama-kofun Tumulus
Mise Maruyama-kofun Tumulus
Shobuike-kofun Tumulus
Fujiwara-kyo Suzaku-oji Street Ruins
Three Mountains of Yamato (place of scenic beauty) - Mt. Amanokaguyama, Mt. Unebi, Mt. Miminashi.

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