Budan-ha (武断派)

The Budan-ha (a political faction that is willing to resort to military means to achieve its aims) was a faction in the Toyotomi government.

This was one of the two factions in the Toyotomi government with Kiyomasa KATO and Masanori FUKUSHIMA, etc. taking a leading part, and it is often mentioned in contrast with the Bunchi-ha (also called the Bunri-ha) which was led by Mitsunari ISHIDA, Yukinaga KONISHI and others. Following the death of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, a bitter rivalry between the two factions developed and Ieyasu TOKUGAWA who was one of the Gotairo (Council of Five Elders) and received the support from the Budan ha interfered in this conflict. As one of the prominent figures in the administration, Toshiie MAEDA who was also one of the Gotairo died around this time, and there was no one left to stop the contention, which led to the Battle of Sekigahara.

Development of Budan ha
Although most military commanders of the Budan-ha were the ones who rendered distinguished services in a number of battle fields (especially in the Bunroku-Keicho War) (their name "Budan" meaning resorting to military means came from this fact), they could not be said to have had high positions in the center of the administration. Because of this, they had complaints about people like Mitsunari ISHIDA who did not make many contributions in the battle fields but became one of the Gobugyo (five major magistrates) and seized power as a civil servant.

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