Chinzei Bugyo (a magistrate of Kyushu region) (鎮西奉行)

Chinzei Bugyo was an appointed position within the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) which commanded the gokenin (shogunal retainers) of Chinzei (Kyushu region). It was also called Chinzei Shugo (Provincial Military Governor of Chinzei).

In 1185, the appointment of Tokage AMANO by MINAMOTO no Yoritomo as the Bugyo (magistrate) to command the gokenin of Kyushu is said to be the beginning of this position. The search and capture of the remnants of Heike (the Taira family) and the party of MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune had been the original mission, but it effectively inherited the function of Dazai-fu (the local government office in Kyushu region) as well, as it subsequently adopted the supervisory role of the gokenin for the entire region of Kyushu.

In 1180, Yoritomo controlled the gokenin by creating the Board of Retainers in Kamakura, and in 1185, for the reason of search and capture of Yoshitsune, he brought the entire country under his jurisdiction by positioning Shugo (provincial constable) and Jito (estate stewards) in every province. For the local regions, he established the Kyoto Shugo (Military Governor of Kyoto), Chinzei Bugyo for the Kyushu region as well as the Oshu Sobugyo (the General Magistrate of Oshu region) and delegated control to each of them.

There are theories stating that NAKAHARA no Chikayoshi and Sukeyori MUTO succeeded the post of Chinzei Bugyo after Tokage, but alluding to the existence of numerous theories regarding the successor of Tokage, Seiichiro SENO (Japanese historian) points out that, 'The Chinzei Bugyo was nothing but a common title and we can say that this is due to its vague nature as a job as there are theories denying it an official title (theory purported by Shinichi SATO).'

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