Chokodo-ryo (Chokodos territory) (長講堂領)

Chokodo-ryo was an Imperial family shoen (manor) under the shoen koryo sei (a system of Public lands and Private estates) during the medieval period. Chokodo is the abbreviation of "Hokke Choko Mida Sanmaido," which originated from the jibutsu-do hall (the nobility's private Buddha statue hall) and constructed at Rokujodono, Emperor Goshirakawa's in no gosho (retired Emperor's court). Chokodo-ryo was established after the retired Emperor Goshirakawa donated vast numbers of shoen to the Chokodo. Retired Emperor Goshirakawa handed over the Chokodo and its territory to imperial princess Senyomonin, the daughter between himself and his favorite concubine TAKASHINA no Eishi. The Chokodo had eighty-nine shoen in forty-two provinces that were initially the financial base of the Insei (rule by the retired Emperor). After the Jokyu War, under the control of the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), these shoen were successively inherited by Emperors who belonged to the Jimyoin-to line, including Emperor Gofukakusa, Emperor fushimi, Emperor Gofushimi, Emperor Hanazono, Emperor Kogen, Emperor Suko and Emperor Gokomatsu.

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